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The Personal Safety of Cabin Crew Members - A Primary Concern

The security concerns of cabin crew members are as real as it gets. While their work takes them to new and amazing places, which is nothing short of dreamy, it puts their personal safety at risk. Time and again the news of harassment, sexual assaults and so much more flash on the newspapers and online publications. This should be enough to put these professionals at caution.

Personal Safety At The New Accommodation Should Be A Primary Concern
Overnight stay at a new place is a main concern that many should think through adequately. The accommodation they are staying at, its reputation, the security measures taken there, the condition of neighborhood and so forth. However, unfortunately, many flight staffs, too over-indulged in the size of the room, bed and internet connection, simply overlook this important aspect of their stay.
Are You Careful?
When was the last time you made sure your accommodation for cabin crew is fully safe and secured? When was the last time you asked the residence …