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Celebrate New Year’s Month At Cabin Crew Accommodation - 5 Rocking Ways To Welcome 2017

While the world is rejoicing over the end of another amazing year, not everyone is in the same festive bandwagon. Not everyone is going to spend their New Year’s Month at their home, with the loved ones.

Thanks to their demanding (and stressful) job, most of the aircrews will have to welcome 2017 away from their family. While as sad as that is, there are few simple ways for them to rock the New Year’s Eve with just as much fun and excitement—if not more.
Are you a cabin crew member?
Here’s how to bid 2016 a sweet goodbye and welcome 2017 in a rocking (and affordable) way- 1. Cook with your crew members  When in air, hardly do you get the time to enjoy with aircrews (except nicknaming the passengers). Make the most of your time at accommodationat Heathrow Airport. Have fun with your team. Talk, play games, cook together and enjoy some cozy time with them. 2. Take yourself on a date alone Who said you need someone to go on a date?! Besides, with your job, maintaining a relationship is di…