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3 Things That Make Crew Houses Better Than Hotels

If you are a cabin crew, life can become hard with long shifts with no rest. But during your time off, you deserve the best. Now there are a variety of accommodations available these days, but the long ensuing debate has been between crew houses and hotels. Some say the former is better, while some have contradicting accounts. Taking a consensus of the cabin crews, houses seem to be a better choice? Why do you ask? Here are some reasons that justify the statement. Keep reading to find out more.

3 Things To Remember When Picking An Overnight Accommodation For Cabin Crew

If you are a cabin crew, you know how difficult life can get for you. It is not always flying to new locations and meeting new people; the ton of responsibility that you are trusted with can be exhausting. You need to rest. Heathrow being one of the most important airports in the world is a layover stop for many airlines. This means that the cabin crew requires a good place to unwind and relax. But how to pick an accommodation place that is great and takes care of all your needs. Keep reading to find out on how to pick the right overnight accommodation if you are a cabin crew. Location When you run on a tight schedule, you don't really have the time to travel far off in the country to enjoy the scenery. You have to be stay accessible and be in a place that is close to the airport. Cabin crew hotels near Heathrow airport offer a great view of the city that is clad in an old world charm. They are located in the vicinity of the airport, which means you don't have to sweat about …