What Facilities You Will Get With The Crew Houses in Heathrow!

If you have just joined as an airline staff in Heathrow and looking for accommodation, then your days of worry ends now. Several accommodation services are now available in Heathrow that will make your life easier as a cabin crew. If you have chosen this career option, then you know how much work you have to accomplish throughout the day. So, the place you will live in must be comfortable enough to offer you a complete rest. Only accommodation is not enough when you are working hard all around the day, you need few facilities too, don't you? Moreover, it should also be easy on your pocket at the same time!

However, there are a number of companies which offer crew houses Heathrow for the airline staffs along with many facilities. Do you want to know what accommodation facilities you get? Here is a list!

crew houses Heathrow
Double Bedrooms: 

With the top companies, you can avail double cabin crew rooms Heathrow which will accommodate two crew members. So, select a friend of yours and book a room for two that are available specifically for the airline staffs. The double bedrooms available in Heathrow are well-decorated and comfortable enough.

Communal Kitchen With Broad Lounge: 

Get a communal kitchen where you can easily cook your meal with the other members of the residence. You can easily avail all cooking facilities at these accommodation companies.

Free Vehicles From Airport To The Crew House Heathrow: 

If you get in touch with the right crew house Heathrow, then you don't need to worry about the conveyance as they will provide you free buses to and from the airport. They also offer excellent transport links which will make it easier for you to reach the medical centres and marketplaces conveniently.

Complete Security with CCTV: 

Each of the residence is secured with CCTV cameras so that you can remain secured from the strange outsiders. CCTV cameras are controlled by expert staffs and all the corridors, lounge and kitchen are secured.


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