How Happy Is Your Cabin Crew With Their Accommodation? Here Are 3 Ways To Tell

Happy crew makes a happy flight and there are no two ways about it. So, when you are in the process of locating the perfect home away from home for your team, here are a few essential factors that will always demand utmost attention…

Quality of Rooms – This includes spaciousness of the floor area along with the quality of furniture, rest rooms as well as all other basic amenities that cater to complete and all inclusive comfort through the duration of stay. There should be an air of luxury that does not require hirers to run out of budget. Availability of kitchen and lounge area with entertainment systems is also expected. Wifi connection is not an option any more but a necessity. The chosen hotel must be able to offer the needful and more depending upon the budget and duration of stay.

The Route To The Airport Is The Neatest And Easiest – This is one of the primary considerations that no hiring entity should overlook. It should not happen that the hotels are so located that the crew has to travel over an hour through traffic dense roads to reach the airport. Favorable locations always ensure that the flight crew does not have to put in extra hard work to wake up way before time for the sake of reaching the destination in time.

On many occasions when there are delays and cancellations, the crew may need to prolong their stay without any prior information. The hotels so chosen should thus, be able to accommodate such uncertainties. Hotels near Heathrow airport and other airports that face phenomenal traffic all through the year, usually offer such extended advantages. 

Conveyance is Available 24 / 7 – This factor has been named as one of the most important aspects that decide the quality of hotels for cabin crew in general. At all times it is imperative for airline cabin crew to reach their destination in time so that delays and other hassles are not created while boarding and takeoff. The quality of conveyance should be such that it can accommodate large and small crew easily and comfortably. 

Besides this, hotels and other options of accommodation for cabin crew should also sport budget friendly charges. There are many high quality hotels near Heathrow airport that offer discounts and rebates to frequent guests which goes a very long way in adding constructively to the stay experience. 


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