What Nobody Tells You About Booking Cabin Crew Accommodation

Ask anyone about how to book cabin crew accommodation near Heathrow and the first response would be to "check their per day rate and ensure it's very low". While as nice as this tips is from a budget perspective, it completely overlook the other essentials that one should factor when booking a room.

Are you looking for Heathrow crew accommodation yourself?

Other than the price, here are that 5 things you should consider when booking room for you and the team-things that nobody told you about- 

1. How safe are you- While Heathrow is well safe and secured, you must take extra measures. Ensure that accommodation where you're staying has the least of 24/7 CCTV watch.  

2. You need to stay connected with the world- No more is internet optional-it's essential. So it is very important that you're getting complimentary Wi-Fi connection in your room.

3. Fun with the crew- Off-duty is the best time to connect with your crew member and get to know each other. So make sure the accommodation has a lounge area to spend some quality time with other members. 

4. What if you want to shop- What if the flight gets cancelled? What would you do then? Probably want to shop or hit a local pub. Well transport links is a must for a Heathrow crew house.

5. How comfortable is the mattress- It's not the size of the room that matters, it is the quality of mattress you're going to sleep on that's important. Make sure it's a full luxury one, capable to lull you into a deep sleep. 

These are 5 things about booking Heathrow crew house that nobody told you about- things that you should consider when booking your rooms. Good luck!!


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