5 Features That Make Some Cabin Crew Houses Better Than The Others

The need for flight crew accommodation has risen by an alarming rate with the rise of the global average of air traffic over the past few years. The escalation of these figures has been reflecting in the rising demand for crew accommodation, especially in some of the busiest airports like Heathrow. More often than not, airlines look for nothing short of the best available services for their staff and crew, holding cabin crew rooms Heathrow as worthy examples.

In this respect, here are 5 features that make some crew houses better than the others…

The Comfort Factor And Security - In simple words, the rooms should be comfortable and complete with all basic and extended amenities. This includes spacious floor areas, reasonable interiors, lounge and kitchen facilities where applicable, smoking areas, CCTV surveillance and more. Cabin crew house share Heathrow facilities can be mentioned as an example.

Closeness To The Airport - Not all cabin crew houses are located at 10 minute distance from the airport. However, the closer and more well placed the accommodation, more relaxing it would be for the crew as far as transportation is concerned.

Cabin Crew Rooms Heathrow

Scope Of Transportation Facilities - Transportation facilities account for the quality of the chosen cabin crew accommodations. The best of crew houses possess a sizable fleet of buses and cars that can take crew of any volume to their respective destinations.

Emergency Booking Services - Not many crew houses offer emergency booking services. However, there are a few that can accommodative within a few hours notice. This is generally helpful in cases of flight delays etc.

Easy And Affordable Payments - Lastly, crew accommodation facilities can be considered better than the rest when they offer wide range of stay benefits at very reasonable prices and that too, through easy modes of payment.


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