3 Things That Make Crew Houses Better Than Hotels

crew house Heathrow

If you are a cabin crew, life can become hard with long shifts with no rest. But during your time off, you deserve the best. Now there are a variety of accommodations available these days, but the long ensuing debate has been between crew houses and hotels. Some say the former is better, while some have contradicting accounts. Taking a consensus of the cabin crews, houses seem to be a better choice? Why do you ask? Here are some reasons that justify the statement. Keep reading to find out more.

Crew Houses Feel Homely

One of the biggest advantages of crew houses over hotels is the homely feel the former has. Unlike hotels, crew houses are small and accommodate only the cabin crews. This gives you an opportunity to mingle with people from your profession or maybe even with your colleagues and friends. You don't have to spend your day off alone. You can enjoy your time off with your friends and not feel homesick for festivals and other special occasions.

They Have More Amenities

The Heathrow crew house has 12 rooms with double bed accommodation. Each room has an attached bathroom. Further, there is a common lounge area for everyone to chill in. A kitchen, complimentary Wi-Fi, television and free pick-ups and drops are some of the other facilities one can get in a crew house. Now before you argue that all of this is available in a hotel as well, move on to the next point.

Houses Are Affordable 

Unlike hotels, where everything costs a fortune, a crew house is easy on the pocket. You don't have to spend boatloads of money to stay in a homely crew house. You are charged an affordable rate per night which doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. So in a crew house, you get all the amenities required but don't have to worry about the cost.

Hence, it can be concluded that crew houses are better than hotels, especially if you are a cabin crew and have a stopover at Heathrow airport. Book a room at crew house Heathrow based and unwind after a long, mundane day.


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