Have To Share A Room Of A Crew House With Your Colleague? Tips To Make It Memorable

Heathrow crew house

The staffs of the airlines have to travel a lot and during layovers, they are made to stay at the cabin crew accommodations available around the airports. Now, not always it is possible to get a single room all to yourself, and there are times when you are supposed to share it with a co-colleague. who might or might not be a dear friend. You cannot always afford to choose everything accord to your convenience, and room sharing becomes uncomfortable and awkward at times too.

From tolerating their personality traits, to adjusting with their behaviours, a lot of things should be compromised when you share a room at a crew house with a professional acquaintance. But, nothing is impossible and you can make this stay memorable too with some efforts put.

Thus, if you are about to share a room in Heathrow crew house with someone, here are some tips to make the stay a happy one.

Always Follow The Etiquettes

You both can just sit and talk about setting some of the rules and norms to be followed during your stay, so that no dispute occurs and both of you are bonded in a harmonious relationship. Be it getting the cleaning done, to emptying the dustbin, or washing the clothes, sort out the everyday chores that need to be done.

Divide The Cleaning Duty

Cleaning the room and washrooms becomes a hectic things to maintain, and it is recommended to divide this work between you both so that the cleaning gets done regularly without any hassle and peacefully. A cleaner ambiance breathes with positivity and serenity.

Don't Invade Your Roommate's Privacy

Just because your share a room with someone, doesn't mean you have to go beyond your limits and invade their privacy. Always knock before entering the room, don't touch their belongings without their permission, don't attend their calls in their absence and few more are to be taken care of.

Spend Quality Time Together

Be it watching a movie on the lappy, or surfing the internet with the free WIFI feature of the cabin crew accommodations, or partying outside, you have a lot of options to spend quality time together to strengthen the bond with time. You can also sometimes cook together to have a good time!

Turn The Room Into a Home

Being away from home due to your profession is tough, and both of you can lend each other the support and love by turning the room into a home too. Keep it clean, and instil a happy and positive ambience with togetherness. 

Thus, the next time you have to share a room in a crew house Heathrow with a professional acquaintance, follow the tips and have a lovely time!


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