The Questions To Ask Before Booking A Room At One Of The Hotels Near Heathrow Airport

accommodation at Heathrow airport

Being in the cabin crew profession is always about traveling to different places and being amidst new faces. But during off-duty hours or layovers, you are supposed to put up in some hotel or residence meant for the airline's staffs. If You are new to this profession, and this is your first time to book a room at a residence near the Heathrow airport, you should consider few important things before making the final decision to get through a good accommodation.

While making your choice, here are some questions that you should ask while finalizing on one of the hotels near Heathrow airport.

What Is The Exact Location Of The Hotel?

The location of the hotel you choose should be of your primary concern, and you should make sure that it is near the Heathrow airport so that you don't have to waste time traveling to and fro. Also, go for a hotel that is adjacent to the main city also, so that you can visit the city's attractions during free hours instead of being bored.

What Are The Basic Amenities That The Hotel Offers?

Do you want a single room for complete privacy, or want to share a double bedroom with a friend cum colleague? Check out the availability of the room types that you are looking for, and also watch out for the other features that the particular hotel offers. From good washroom to a cable connection, food services, ask about these services to the hotel authorities before booking a room.

What Are The Added Amenities?

Apart from the basic amenities, also understand what the package offers. Does it include some added and extra amenities too? Do they provide a kitchen or a lounge area? What about the availability of hot water, or is there any service of free Wi-Fi available? All these should be in your knowledge.

Is It Safe For Women?

If you are a woman, then safety is an integral matter to be explored in the hotel you stay. Ask the hotel authorities whether the hotel is under the continuous surveillance of CCTV cameras or not. The room shouldn't have any hidden cameras, and there should be security guards deployed too.

Thus, while choosing a good accommodation at Heathrow airport, make sure to ask certain questions to the authorities to make sure you are choosing the right hotel.


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